What is your body type? Find out the best nutrition and workout plan for you

Аs you can see in the picture above, there are three body types that differ quiteclearly. There are some expalnations and tips and, which will help to find out what your body type is. For your convenience there is a list with the key features of them and then, according to your score, we will provide to you you our training and nutritional recommendations.


  • Your shoulders are narrower than your hips

  • You have long arms and legs

  • You have skinny and linear appearance
  • Your body looks narrow and long
  • You have fast and efficient metabolism
  • You are hyperactive
  • If you try to grip your wrist between your thumb and middle finger, the 2 fingers overlap
  • You find it hard to gain weight


  • Your shoulders are wider than your hips
  • You have smooth and round body
  • You have medium to large joints and bones
  • You have slow metabolism
  • Your muscles are not so well defined -If you try to grip your wrist between your thumb and middle finger, the 2 fingers don’t touch
  • You gain weight easily, but find it quite difficult to lose it
  • You often feel tired
  • You lose weight slowly

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  • You look naturally lean and muscular and shoulders are roughly the same width as your hips
  • You have medium to large joints and bones
  • Losing fat is easy
  • You are strong with well-defined muscles
  • You have efficient metabolism
  • If you grip your wrist between your thumb and middle finger, the 2 fingers just barely touch
  • You have got very little amount of body fat

And so… in which body type did you recognize yourself?

It is important to know that in most cases few people are just one defined body type. Most of us are a combination of two of them. The key is to recognize your dominant body type and to plan your nutrition and training program according to its characteristics.

If you are the ECTOMORPH type:

NUTRITION: Ectomorphs definitely need more calories. Emphasis should be placed on high calorie foods. It is appropriate to include moderate amounts of healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, raw peanut butter, and fatty fish such as salmon and trout.
The carbohydrates in your menu should be high-quality fast carbohydrates like rice, potatoes (including sweet potatoes) peas, bananas, chickpeas, watermelon, millet.
Skipping of meals is not a good idea because inadequate caloric intake is a prerequisite for failure in the ectomorphic type.
TRAINING- The best program for your type include limited cardio and heavy weights. Do the compound movements, like squats and deadlifts, with not too many repetitions- from 6 to 10. Also include-dumbbell bench press, dumbbell shoulder press, chin up and pull ups, dips, pushups You will need to take some longer breaks in between sets, to recover from the heavy weight

If you are the ENDOMORPH type:

NUTRITION: If you want to remove unnecessary fat and reduce your weight, my advice is to choose low carb high fat diet. Let some of the main ingredients of your meal be: eggs, olives and olive oil, meat, fish, fat dairy /cheese, butter and cream/ different berries, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Balanced calorie intake and more fats in your meals (do not be afraid from the fats) will give you the energy to burn excess pounds. That is just the perfect combination for your body type.

TRAINING- Your program should include intense and brief (10 minutes maximum) warm-up. Start with stretching, than do 3x10 burpees and Jumping Jacks. The perfect exercises for you are 4x8 repetitions- Deadlift, Dumbbell Bench Press, Chin-Up, Lunges, Push-Ups. Jumping on rope every day is highly recommended for you (start with 3 to 5 minutes and try to increase your best time in every workout)

If you are the MESOMORPH type:

NUTRITION: The nutrition plan for mesomorph body type have to include balance amounts of carbs, protein and fats. It is best to have most carbs in the morning, as fuel to keep going throughout the day, without gaining too much fat. You have to eat whole foods rather than processed meals. Add quality beef, chicken, pork meat and fish, as wel as non-starchy veggies, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and good fats such as grass-fed butter, organic coconut oil, and cold-pressed olive oil for a healthy mesomorph body type.

TRAINING- Your training program should start with 1 to 15 minutes HIIT program. After that, is good to use moderate to heavy weights, with about 4x8 or 4x12 repetitions per set. Deadlift, squats, burpee swith pushups, pullups and jumps on a benchare good for you. The rest between sets shouldn’t be too long.

*No matter what type of diet you will choose, always consult with your doctor if it is suitable for you and your health!

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