Top 10 EGG-cellent Benefits of the Egg

Eggs nutritional values have made them the favorite breakfast for athletes, bodybuilders, people on a diet or simply people who eat healthily all over the world. In my personal Meal Plan, if you haven’t removed eggs from the list of favorite foods, be sure to see them in your daily menu as breakfast or afternoon snack! Check out - Lazar Angelov personal Meal Plan


Top 10 reasons why eggs are EGG-cellent for your health and your Meal Plan

  1. Eggs make you smarter – amongst its other superpowers, the choline in the egg yolks helps build cell membranes and improves the brain cognitive function.
  2. Eggs make your muscles bigger – the proteins and nutrients such as vitamin K and D in the egg help maintain lean muscle mass and preserve the bone health.
  3. Eggs keep your bones strong – vitamins K and D, calcium and phosphorus are vital for keeping the bone structure strong and boost bone growth and density.
  4. Eggs help your body speed up its metabolism and burn fat easily – the whole complex of nutrients contained in an egg does wonders for your metabolism, while its proteins are your main partner in the process of weight reduction.
  5. Eggs satisfy your hunger - their high-quality proteins make your stomach feel full and not at the cost of a high calorie meal.
  6. Eggs protect your vision – the carotenoids found in the egg are important for strengthening the retina, reduce the risk of cataracts and protect the eyes from the sun’s radiation.
  7. Eggs reduce your blood pressure – the proteins found in the egg whites can help lower your blood pressure with the same effect as some of the most popular medication on the market.
  8. Eggs strengthen your hair and nails – the protein, biotin, iron and vitamin A, D and E form an army of nutrients which protects your fingernails and your hair and makes them thicker and healthier.
  9. Eggs keep you in a good mood – the vitamins from B-complex reduce the stress and maintain emotional and mental balance, while the Lecithin from the egg yolk can serve as a mood stabilizer.
  10. Eggs help you live longer – its daily consumption might reduce the risk from stroke with 12%, as per recent study. *
    Another plus: eggs won’t make a dent in your wallet – they are amongst the most affordable products on your grocery list and one of the most nutritional at the same time.

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Get EGG-stra smart points with those nutrition facts

Nutrition per 100 grams

Type of preparation












Total Fat

10 g

11 g

15 g

9 g

12 g


13 g

13 g

14 g

13 g

11 g


0.7 g

1.1 g

0.8 g

0.7 g

0.6 g


142 mg

124 mg

207 mg

297 mg

155 mg


138 mg

126 mg

152 mg

138 mg

117 mg


372 mg

373 mg

401 mg

370 mg

313 mg

Every egg contains a little bit of almost all vitamins and minerals you can find in your food, such as Vitamin A, B-Complex, D, E, K, Calcium, Iron, Iodine, Riboflavin, Selenium, Folate, Phosphorus, Zinc, all nine essential amino acids including Leucine (which helps burn fat and protect muscles) and the “good fat” Omega-3 fatty acids.

The EGG-splosive battle of Egg Whites vs Egg Yolks

Eggs Bodybuilding
We all have heard of the advice to throw away the egg yolks and eat only the white part. Do you know what you would be missing if you do EGGS-actly that?
The white of one egg contains 1.09 g of the amino acid Leucine and about 60% of the egg proteins, it’s also fat-free and has the majority of sodium content. The yolk of the egg, however, has the other 40% of its proteins, plus the most important vitamins and minerals including choline, the natural Omega-3 fatty acids and yes, 185 mg of cholesterol.
When it comes to the cholesterol, there is a public misconception that eating eggs would significantly increase your level of cholesterol. The reality is that when you consume cholesterol from food, the liver, responsible for producing it internally in your body, simply produces less. That way the cholesterol balance is not disturbed and there are no big side effects on the cholesterol levels, unless you are a diabetic or already have a serious problem with your cholesterol.
Throwing away the egg yolks might also mean throwing away your memory, focus and motivation – alongside the brain helpers found in the egg yolk (such as Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D and B12) is the nutrient Choline. Together they help the brain development and functions and improve cognitive power. Choline even participates in the detoxication of the liver and helps avoiding the accumulation of fats.
All this considered, if you decide to keep the yolk next time you prepare your eggs, don’t go overboard – 2 yolks per day should provide you with a sufficient dose of all those healthy nutrients.

Don’t EGG-nore those tips

• Cooked or Raw? o A study has found that eating eggs cooked allows the body to use 91% of the proteins in an egg compared to the 51% of the protein when the egg is consumed raw.* However, cooking the eggs might reduce the amount of some vitamins and antioxidants in the egg – so the shorter the cooking time, the higher amount of nutrients are preserved.
• What is the recommended egg limit per day? o There isn’t a unanimous decision by nutritionists how many eggs per day are bad for the health – it depends on their preparation, the Diet Menu and health issues a person might suffer from. There is consensus that up to 2-3 whole eggs a day there shouldn’t be any health repercussions or side effects.
• How about egg allergy? o This type of allergy can be observed usually in childhood which is why if you are a parent, you can start feeding your child solid egg yolks first and slowly add the whites (where the allergen is found) any time from the baby’s age of six months. Don’t worry too much, though – even if your kid develops egg allergy, chance is he/she will outgrow it by puberty.
• Can I get salmonella from eating an egg? o Theoretically, yes, if the egg is raw, hasn’t been prepped and comes from an infected chicken. Salmonella bacteria can be found in the intestines of people and animals – if the chicken is infected, the egg can contain traces of the bacteria on its shell or even inside if it’s been broken or infected while being formed. To avoid any food poisoning and be on the safe side, always pick unbroken eggs and cook them thoroughly.

Lazar Angelov EGG-ceptional Breakfast


"Eggs are a vital part of every healthy diet and are the best meatless source of proteins you can include in your daily meal plan. In my personal Meal Plan (Check out Lazar Angelov personal Meal Plan at www.LazarAngelov.Diet), if you haven’t removed eggs from the list of favorite foods, be sure to see them in your daily menu as breakfast or afternoon snack!
I personally eat no more than 2 yolks and many whites every day to stimulate the muscle synthesis as part of my bodybuilding nutrition and to make sure I always get a complete vitamin and nutrient boost."