How to eat like an Olympian

And I don’t mean eating 12 000 kcal like Michael Phelps.

It’s already been 10 days since the start of the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. You are watching the incredible athletes and wondering how they’ve become almost Gods. The secret lies behind their training, nutrition, recovery and… the diet, of course! Me and you both aren’t Olympian athletes and may not be training for the toughest competitions in the world, but hey, we are all fighting our battles and conquer our own victories ‒ every day. In the gym, at work, in our lives.
So, if we can learn something from the best athletes in the world, it’s that Quality comes over Quantity. Your everyday battles and competitions require to “fuel” the engine with the best.

Here’s some tips how to eat like an Olympian and be the best version of you. Mind that since you don’t have the training routine and daily activity as such superhumans, you don’t need so much food and calories, but the quality of the food sources is still the same. If you need help in figuring out what are your specific caloric needs depending on your goals, health status, activity, check out my personalised meal plan.

1. Eat your breakfast!

No matter the kind of sports they are practicing, all the Olypmic athletes always consume healthy and nutritious breakfast. The right choice of your first meal after waking up, sets up the tone for your metabolism for the whole day. So, be mindful in your choices. The highest class athletes prefer lean protein and healthy fats or complex carbs for their breakfast.
Good choice would be omelette, scrambled eggs, some nuts, veggies, oatmeal, quinoa flakes. If you’re eating cereals for breakfast, ensure they don’t have added corn syrup or sugar.

2. Make your own fitness snacks!

Protein and oatmeal bars and desserts are super handy for your busy day, but in most cases, they are far from diet and healthy food. Many times the “Healthy fit bars” have nutritional profiles more similar to candy bars than fit foods. Read the nutritional information!
Or, to be 100% sure, make your own protein or energy bars with high quality protein powder, nuts, oats, quinoa or whatever you like!

3. Drink beetroot juice for the win!

Beet is rich in Nitric Oxide and it’s proven that beet juice increases blood plasma Nitric Oxide levels. This means that your blood vessels are widening and there is a greater blood flow throughout the body. The greater blood flow puts less stress on the heart during intensive workouts and this gives you stamina and better pumps. Also, the greater blood flow means more nutrients are provided to your muscles for faster recovery and growth! Who doesn’t want that? Faster recovery and lean muscle mass?!

Want to eat and perform like the best athletes in the world? Check out the link below!