5 Pre-bed foods that will help you to build muscle and lose fat!

Well chosen nighttime meals will help your body recover during the night, your muscles to grow, and additionally boost your metabolism and lose fat. Don’t be afraid to eat before going to bed ‒ you'll build lean muscle mass and lose body fat, and what's better than that, wright? But which are the best foods? Let me help you make the right decision!

1. Casein Protein + Peanut butter

Casein protein powder is the best option for a pre-bed snack. It’s a slow-digesting protein, 80% of the milk protein (the other 20% is whey). Recent studies found that consuming casein protein before bed not only helps recovering your muscles. Casein consumption increases the metabolic rate, promotes the fat burning at night and makes you feel more satiated and less hungry in the morning. For best results, choose micellar casein.
Combine your casein protein with a spoon of natural peanut butter. The healthy fats further slow the digestion of the casein and help maintain insulin sensitivity.
Casein protein is also a part of my personalized meal plan, prepared especially for you!

2. Cottage cheese + Almonds

Cottage cheese is a classical before-bed-option for fitness enthusiasts (and not only). There’ s a strong reason behind that. Cottage cheese is packed with casein, which releases slowly into the body and feed your muscles during the night.
You can add almonds or flaxseed to it. Not only will they provide healthy fats, but also they will slow digestion of the protein.

3. Salmon

Salmon is an excellent pre-bed choice. It’s packed with protein and healthy omega fats. It will keep you full during your sleep. One more thing ‒ salmon contains vitamin B6, which helps you fall asleep and normalizes sleep-wake cycles. You can eat tuna fish as well!Fish is also a part of my diet plan, if you haven't excluded it.

4. Greek yogurt and flaxseed

Greek yogurt is also an ideal protein source as the casein. Combine it with flax seed or 2-3 walnuts for fiber and healthy fats and you have the perfect meal before your recharging sleep. Fiber slows digestion so it helps keep you feeling full longer.

5. Eggs

An EGG-cellent pre-bed choice of protein source. Eggs are mandatory in a well-balanced fitness regimen. Eggs are a vital part of every healthy diet and are the best meatless source of proteins you can include in your daily meal plan. In my personal Meal Plan if you haven’t removed eggs from the list of favorite foods, be sure to see them in your menu. And don’t be afraid to eat the yolks, too! You can check my article about the numerous benefits of eggs here.