10 foods that will BURN your belly FAT faster

Who did not fight with the excess fat on his belly? Starving, exhausting diets, countless abdominal presses, sometimes are not enough to achieve the desired effect. The truth is always somewhere in the middle, but definitely if you approach correctly and consciously with each step and decision that you make, that will get you to the best and most useful results, much more quickly, without so much efforts.

What are we talking about?

You need to know the right or, in other words, the working mechanism of every different process. It is good to understand the structure and quality of your food, and to know which food is most suitable for your body and goals. That's why, specially for you, we have compiled a list of foods that will help you to lose your belly fat for a short period of time, without any privations or difficulties.

1. RASPBERRIES- The fructose found in fresh or frozen raspberries contain a great deal of fiber, which helps the body to regulate it’s insulin response and also reduce belly fat. The fibers help you feel full. Another plus is that the raspberries are low in calories- only 53 Calories per 100 grams. 2. BROCCOLI- This dark green veggies, will help you reduce belly fat for sure!. A recent study found that these veggies can decrease risk factors for diabetes type 2. Broccoli contains calcium, which increase fat loss, especially in the abdominal area.

3. TOMATOES- Tomatoes flush out excess sodium, water, and bloating. This fruit is high in potassium, water, and is also a natural diuretic. On top of that, tomatoes are rich in fiber, and therefore, help our bodies for better digestion.

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4. CELERY- Eating celery can help you reduce calorie intake and get your fill of vitamin K, necessary for proper blood clotting. Celery stalk salt content is low, and you get fiber, magnesium and potassium to help regulate your blood pressure, as well. To get the benefit, you should eat roughly four stalks – one cup, chopped – of celery daily. 5. ORANGE VEGGIES - Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkin are lower in calories and chock-full of potassium and beta-carotene. They are full of minerals and-rich and fibers, which helps against bloated stomach.

6. GRAPEFRUIT- The powerful nutrient combination of fiber, potassium, lycopene, vitamin C, and choline in grapefruit will help you to maintain a healthy heart. Grapefruit contains certain enzymes which burn off the fat. It is good to eat this fruit before other foods.

7. AVOCADO- Just a medium avocado holds 15 grams of fiber that keeps your feeling perfectly satisfied. In addition to fiber and 1/4 cup of avocado has a full days worth of monounsaturated fatty acid which burns belly fat.

8. BEANS AND LENTILS- You can find beans, lentils, chickpeas and peas everywhere these days. They are filled with fiber and plant-based protein, plus minerals and B-vitamins. They reduce bloat by aiding your nervous and muscular systems, helping you burn the excess fats.

9. EGGS- In addition to an abundance of protein, eggs are an excellent source of vitamin B12, lutein and amino acids, all of which are known to break down fat cells. When you eat 2-3 whole eggs made in ghee or coconut oil the healthy fats in them keeps you full for a very long time.

10. MUSHROOMS – They provide valuable nutrients, including fiber, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, selenium and copper. They are also low in calories and energy density. This allows you to lose weight and fat without feeling deprived.

*Always consult with your doctor before making changes of your nutrition or starting a weight loss plan.

If you want to lose weight and eat healthy and delicious food, you can request your personal meal plan from the button below